Workplace Personality Types: Discover Your Team’s Secret Sauce

Ah, workplace personality types. Just as a diverse cast of characters breathes life into your favourite books and movies, the unique personalities in your workplace play a vital role in shaping your company. 

Myers Briggs is just one of the many ‘character profiling’ tools that celebrates the vibrant mix of traits that make us unique. Whether you’ve got a spontaneous and creative ESTP, or a strategic, detail-oriented INTJ, Myers Briggs is your secret decoder.

In this blog, I’m looking at the Myers Briggs personality types and sharing how you can use this tool to better understand your team and tap into their potential. 

But before you say ‘don’t put me in a box’, please note that these personality tests are not set in stone, and they do change as we mature. The tests are simply there to provide guidance, and help us on our journey as managers and marketers.

These tests help us understand ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and most importantly, our personas and audiences and create better marketing messaging that is tailored by personality type, and not by wallet size.

So before you read this, why don’t you do the handy free test, so you know what we’re talking about!

Workplace Personality Types: The Spreadsheet Sorcerers

Spreadsheet Sorcerers wield the data and graphs. These analytical wizards transform complexity into neatly organised Google Spreadsheet masterpieces. 

Need a breakdown of your client’s budget or insights from a Google Analytics dashboard? These analytical geniuses have got you covered. 

Workplace Personality Types: ISTP, The Problem-Solving Virtuoso

Make way for the ISTPs, the cool problem-solving virtuosos of the crew. Born with a toolkit in one hand and a solution in the other, these quick-thinkers are your ace players in high-pressure situations. Whether it’s marketing analytics or managing a tech stack, they’re the guys and gals you want.

Workplace Personality Types: INTJ, The Mastermind

Say ‘hi’ to the INTPs, the folks on a first-name basis with innovation and logic. They’re your backstage crew, pulling the levers of marketing strategy and data analysis, finding patterns where others see chaos. 

Preferring their own company, these free thinkers aren’t afraid to challenge norms and bring fresh, boundary-pushing ideas to your team.

workplace personality types: istp, intj, and intp

Workplace Personality Types: The Empathetic Enchanters

Empathetic Enchanters possess the rare gift of empathy and human connection. These individuals shine in navigating the intricate web of office relationships and making others feel valued and heard. 
Whether mediating conflicts or boosting team morale, the Empathetic Enchanters are the heart and soul of any workplace. Need a pep talk or a sympathetic ear? Seek out these lovable workplace personality types.

Workplace Personality Types: ESFJ, The Harmonious Organiser

Step aside for the ESFJs, the harmonious organisers who add a touch of warmth and practicality to your team. They’re your human sunbeams, effortlessly building and maintaining relationships. Whether it’s client management or public relations, they’re at the forefront with a smile. 

Add to that their strong sense of duty and practicality; they’re your heroes in any role that calls for organisation and follow-through.

Workplace Personality Types: INFP, The Dreamy Altruist  

INFPs sprinkle a dose of creativity and empathetic understanding on everything they touch. Guided by their internal compass, they’re your storytellers, spinning narratives that tug at heartstrings. 

Sure, they might prefer a quiet corner to a crowded room, but their passion and creative vision make them the secret ingredient to a blockbuster marketing campaign.

Workplace Personality Types: INFJ, The Compassionate Strategist

Roll out the red carpet for the INFJs, your team’s empathetic seers and strategists. They are the soft-hearted chess players of marketing, using their intuition and empathy to dive deep into consumer psyches and stay five steps ahead with their long-term planning skills.

Workplace Personality Types: ISFP, The Artistic Realist

ISFPs are the ones who merge sensitivity with practical skills, creating a blend as unique as a unicorn frappuccino. They’ve got an aesthetic sense sharper than a Pinterest board and can pick up on emotional nuances faster than you can say “viral content”. 

They may be quiet souls, but when it comes to real-world solutions, they’re on it.

workplace personality types: esfj, isfp, infp, and infj

Workplace Personality Types: The Fearless Trailblazers

Step aside; the fearless leaders are unafraid to charge ahead and blaze new trails. With charisma, determination, and an occasional power suit, these go-getters dominate boardrooms and inspire awe with their unwavering ambition. 
Whether they’re strategising the next big project or charming clients with their magnetic personalities, these workplace dynamos know how to get things done.

Workplace Personality Types: ENTP, The Debater

Get ready for the ENTPs, the debaters with minds as sharp as a tack. When it comes to brainstorming, they’re your rainmakers, turning any conversation into a stimulating discussion that pushes creativity to new heights. 

Their adaptability and resourcefulness are invaluable when you need a solution – fast. 

Workplace Personality Types: ENTJ, The Bold Tactician

Stand at attention for the ENTJs. They’ve got the vision, always seeing the big picture and mapping out long-term plans. With a drive for efficiency and results that could power a locomotive, they’re the ones who streamline processes and steer your team towards their goals. 

Their leadership skills can make a team march to their beat.

Workplace Personality Types: ESTP, The Action Hero

Buckle up for the ESTPs, your team’s very own action heroes. They live for the thrill of dynamic, fast-paced environments and are a perfect fit for roles that need quick thinking and on-the-spot solutions. 

They might love spontaneity, but their keen focus on the present and adaptability make them valuable assets in any client-facing situation.

workplace personality types: entp, entj, and estp

Workplace Personality Types: The Meticulous Maestros

Ever wondered who colour-codes their calendar or cleans up Google Drive folders according to naming conventions? Behold the Meticulous Maestros. Need a flawless presentation or an event that runs like clockwork? Need a new process? Call upon these meticulous maestros who never miss a beat.

Workplace Personality Types: ESTJ, The Unflappable Executor

ESTJs have organisation skills as sharp as a samurai sword and a sense of structure and logic that could rival a Rubik’s cube. Ideal for account management roles, they’re the guardians of detail and practicality, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. 

They might prefer tradition and routine, but their results-driven approach makes them reliable leaders.

Workplace Personality Types: ISTJ, The Guardian of Order

Say hello to the ISTJs, the rock-solid guardians of structure and quality. Think of them as the architects of your marketing team, bringing a sense of order with their methodical approach. 

They’re the human equivalent of Swiss watches, known for their precision and dedication to tradition and facts.

Workplace Personality Types: ISFJ, The Caretaking Chronomancer

Meet the ISFJs, the ones who’ve mastered the art of time, details, and TLC (Tender Loving Care). These folks are the ninjas of precision and empathetic understanding – your go-to for clockwork operations and project tracking. They’re sharp-eyed when it comes to details.

 workplace personality types: estj, istj, and isfj

Workplace Personality Types: The Boundless Energisers

Brace yourselves for high energy, enthusiasm, and contagious laughter. The Boundless Energisers bounce around the office, spreading joy and igniting the team’s spirits. 

From party planners to hilarious memes in the group chat, these lively souls are always ready to inject fun into the workplace. Need a pick-me-up or a dose of motivation? 

Look no further than these never-ending batteries of positivity.

Workplace Personality Types: ENFP, The Vivacious Innovator

Cue the drumroll for the ENFPs, the effervescent innovators of your team. They’re the ones who sprinkle magic dust of creativity, enthusiasm, and people savvy wherever they go. 

As natural innovators, they’re full of out-of-the-box ideas. Their sixth sense of intuition and people makes them masters of public relations and creative strategy.

Workplace Personality Types: ESFP, The Exuberant Connector

Here come the ESFPs, the radiant connectors of your crew. They’re your own energiser bunnies, brimming with creativity and sociability. Their outgoing nature and love for engaging with others make them stars in roles that need a human touch, like client relations or event management. 

Fast-paced, dynamic environments are their playgrounds, where they adapt faster than a chameleon changes colour.

Workplace Personality Types: ENFJ, The Charismatic Captain

Salute the ENFJs, our charismatic captains of charm and understanding and the human equivalent of a sunflower. With their charisma that could charm the socks off anyone, they’re the born leaders of your dream team. 

Their empathy and understanding are legendary, making them people management and customer engagement superstars.

workplace personality types: enfp, esfp, and enfj

Unlock the Potential of Workplace Personality Types In Your Digital Marketing Team

It’s the dream: a marketing environment that fosters collaboration and innovation and achieves remarkable results for your clients. But that dream can become a reality when you celebrate individuals’ unique strengths and contributions.

But, hold up (yes, again). This is only part of the picture. You also need to know the ins and outs of digital marketing. Embrace the magic of your team’s diversity and combine it with the passionate expertise of a seasoned marketing professional for a winning strategy. I can help you with that. 

Let’s turn the ‘easier said than done’ into ‘easily done.’

Reach out to me for one-on-one digital marketing consulting.

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