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Ideas for Entrepreneurial Wannabees

So you wanna be an entrepreneur do you? You don’t like bosses or you’re newly retired but too clever to just sit at home waiting for your kids to visit, or you need the extra cash. The only problem is you have no idea which business to pursue. More and more retired folk are leaving…

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Don’t Move to the Valley Before Reading This

The pinnacle of success for a tech startup has long been to ‘make it in Silicon Valley’, but is that really the be-all-and-end-all it’s made out to be? Silicon Valley is, with due cause, the global centre for innovation. Its world renowned startup-centred ecosystem is the envy of nations, and the model is continually being…

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Has Entrepreneur’s Disease Got You?

Many entrepreneurs suffer from ‘Entrepreneur’s Disease’ or ‘Founder’s Disease’, the inability to let go any aspect of your business, for fear of losing control. The disease manifests itself uniquely in each individual; some might display more of one characteristic and less of another. The problem is nearly always fatal. It may take one year; it…

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The Paradox of Generosity: Being generous in business

The Paradox of Generosity: How Giving it Away for Free can Lead to Success Being Generous in Business We’ve all heard people say things like ‘I can’t tell you my business idea, in case you steal it’, or ‘I can’t give you access to that information, it’s proprietary’, or ‘You have to pay to use…

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What I Learned as an Entrepreneur in 2015

As an entrepreneur you’re always learning. Not all lessons are created equal – most are good to learn, but not all of them are fun to learn. Last year I worked hard, but not smart. Although I was constantly busy and inundated with emails, calls and appointments, I just could not seem to scratch anything…

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