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#Lockdown Live: How to run a Successful Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign in 2021 and beyond

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Nov 25, 2020

Lockdown Live: Episode 1 I recently did a series of live videos on our Digital Marketers Unite Facebook group during lockdown level one, one of which was specifically about campaigns and integrated digital marketing, which proved to be quite popular, and so we have transcribed it for you below. PS: Do feel free to join our Facebook group, as…

You’re the Leader, So Lead: Employee Motivation, Inspire Your Staff Through Living the Brand.

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Feb 26, 2018

  Brands don’t have values. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pull the rug out from under you so quickly, but it needed to be said. Before you close this article thinking “that’s absolute rubbish”, just wait a moment. Dust yourself off. Sit back down, have some coffee. Ready? Brands do not have values –…

Instagram Stories are now accessible from the web

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Oct 4, 2017

Instagram Stories has become an integral part of the Instagram experience. Inspired by Snapchat, ‘Stories’ is used by over 250 million people every day. Instagram announced that from 31st August you can view stories from your desktop. How to view Instagram Stories from your desktop You can view Instagram stories the same way you would…

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TV is dying: Why video marketing belongs in your business

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Jul 5, 2017

When we wake up in the morning, it is commonplace to reach for your phone and start trawling social media to “wake up”. When you get home at night, you probably switch on the TV and pick up your phone or tablet and, at the same time, start watching a couple of videos; one on…

4 Ways to Use WhatsApp in your Business including Do’s and Don’ts

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Jun 29, 2017

WhatsApp is going to kill Vodacom and cellular service providers, you know that, right? Why pay for phone calls when you can call over Wi-Fi or use ever-cheapening data? Except there’s still nothing more annoying that receiving a WhatsApp phone call. When I see an incoming WhatsApp call, I am immediately annoyed. So, there are…

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Your guide to Leaving Corporate, and Becoming an Entrepreneur

By Dylan Kohlstädt | May 17, 2017

So you have a burning desire to become an entrepreneur and run your own show, but not to give up the comforts of slavery, right? That cushy salary, being told what to do every minute of your day, all the comforts of your cubicle or open plan office, politics that makes Survivor look like a…

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Happy Staff + Happy Customers –> Quality Brand

By Dylan Kohlstädt | May 9, 2017

If your staff are your brand, then what message does your brand reflect? The way you conduct business and the way your staff treat your customers is the essence of your brand. At the end of the day, your staff are at the forefront of your business as they are the ones who interact with…

5 Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Business

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Apr 9, 2017

South Africa is no stranger to streams of tourists that hit its shores all year round. The South African tourism industry has its hands full with holidaymakers, honeymooners and business honchos itching to enjoy the splendour our country has to offer. The Rand-[insert any other major currency here] exchange has made the Rainbow Nation a…

Is perfectionism killing your Idea? 6 things to watch for when designing a new product.

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Mar 9, 2017

Everybody wants the perfect product. Your new product- whether it’s a website or a widget- is going to take the world by storm. It’s the new Facebook! It’s the silver bullet that will solve all your problems, grow the bottom line, cement your promotion and save the company. Or at least that’s what you thought!…

Are you Undermining your own Business?

By Dylan Kohlstädt | Feb 9, 2017

Are you the kind of business owner or boss that is always involved in what everybody else is doing? Telling the graphic designer how to do their job, trying to teach your web designer how to write code, or explaining to your marketing team how best to market your brand. You may be sabotaging your…