Most Marketing Managers don’t have time to create a marketing strategy. But they do spend time on monthly or annual budgeting and reports, where they justify their budgets and salaries according to the year's work.

Dylan Kohlstadt is a top rated marketing strategist. Clients love that her strategies are practical and easy to apply. Dylan doesn’t spout theory when it has no practical application for your marketing strategy.

Dylan has worked with marketing managers and business owners around the world to develop relevant traditional and digital marketing strategies for their companies.

Dylan’s strategies are focused on business and customer growth. The strategy sessions can range from a quick two hour session, to a two day in-depth marketing workshop with you and your senior management.


  • It will get you noticed quickly and cost effectively
  • It will save you time and help you be more effective in with your time management
  • It will help you target the right segment of the market for your business, giving you better results
  • It will streamline your budget so you only spend where you’ll see results
  • An accurate and effective marketing strategy will take your business from garage, to global


  • What are your marketing and business goals?
  • What is your elevator pitch? How do you sell your business services or products to a complete stranger in three seconds flat.
  • Who are your clients? Work through a detailed plan on who your clients are.
  • Which markets are easy to reach? Some markets have a longer sales cycle than others.
  • What are your customers' needs and emotions?
  • Which marketing channels do you use to reach them cost effectively?
  • What makes you unique?
  • How do you compare to your competitors?
  • What are your features vs benefits?
  • What is your brand and is it clearly articulated?
  • A detailed and practical channel strategy outlining the right channels to use to reach your market, as well as how to use each channel effectively, such as:
    • Events
    • Social Media
    • PR and Media
    • Content Marketing
    • Online Advertising (pay-per-click)
    • Email Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Sales Pipeline
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Website design
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • And other channels as needed
  • Creating a marketing plan and calendar
  • Plus a host of other strategic marketing topics that are relevant to you and your business

Dylan’s marketing strategy session is the starting point for you and your team to get focused, get a plan, and get growing.