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The Dylan Kohlstadt Podcast Show

Welcome to the Dylan Kohlstädt Podcast Show

Podcasting is the new darling of social media.

It's the easiest, most convenient way to consume content, no matter how niche the topic might be.

In my podcast show, I unpack what it means to be GREAT with a strong emphasis on the journey it takes to get to greatness.

  • In Season 1 I talked through my journey and experiences as an entrepreneur and digital marketer.This show was originally published on my YouTube channel, where entrepreneurs were invited to pose questions to me via the hashtag #AskDK. I unpacked my experiences and advice, on topics ranging from social media and digital marketing to entrepreneurship and sales.
  • In Season 2 I unpack how certain entrepreneurs go from garage to greatness.My curiosity is always piqued by successful entrepreneurs, especially the ones who have boot-strapped themselves into profitability and success. What was their journey? How did they do it? Here I chat with a few of my personal friends and get into their heads, on your behalf, asking them to share secrets and short cuts with you.
  • In Season 3 I talk to subject matter experts on topics like social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, AI, YouTube, SEO and podcasting and finding all the hacks and shortcuts you need to know about how to become GREAT at these fields, quickly!In this season I sit at the feet of individuals who have 'nailed' certain digital marketing or social media platforms, and unpack their approach to that platform in a way that gives you insights into how to use it better, for your success.
  • Season 4, which I'm busy recording at the moment, I am interviewing top Marketing, Content, and Digital Marketing managers around South Africa and the world. Thought leaders who have a unique and sometimes revolutionary approach to marketing.

    These top marketers will inspire you to do things differently! I am SUPER excited about this season!

    We have interviewed Ted Frazier, National Marketing Manager at Seeff; Cathy Lund, Content Director at Woolworths; Nikki Cockcroft, Global Head of Marketing & Technology at Virgin Active...and more!

I think the big focus for me, is the journey, mine, yours, and my guests, as well as expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and insights...especially the kind that takes you from average to amazing, from good to great!

The show is available on all major podcasting platforms, please leave a review, subscribe, comment, and let me know what you think <3!

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Season One
Dylan's Journey
and Lessons Learned


Season Two
Great Entrepreneurs
Share their Journeys


Season Three
Subject Matter Experts
in Digital Marketing

Season Four
Top Local & Global Marketing Managers

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